Micro Balance

Micro Balance consists of two components - one containing the electronics and the other, the precise mechanical measuring cell, This separation eliminates the effects of temperature an the influence it has on the microbalance scale.

The Brilliant Mono-Tech

Unique & Unequalled high end MONO-TECH technology (Weigh Sensor) to match the highest international standards.

Perfect-Self Auto Calibration (PSAC)

When the ambient temperature changes by a specific value or once a defined time interval has elapsed, it performs Internal Calibration.

Easy Data Transfer

Interface RS 232C Optional USB (Windows direct communication).

Auto off Automatic shut off for power saving mode

Overload Protection

Capacity tracker built into display for easily monitoring possible overloads.

GLP Built-in clock make all your documents

ISO / GLP / GMP compliance.

Protection (Optional)

Protection of main balance configuration against manipulation (Manu Lock).

Excellent Readability

High-contrast, backlite LCD display 15mm digits size is exceptionally easy to read under any room lighting conditions.

Fast Results

Short measurement times result in save your valuable time during each weighing operation.

More than weighing

10 different pre-programmed applications ions other than basic weighing ease your routine lab work like, Filling, Statistics, Checking weighing. Percent weighing and Formulation.

Work to Place Pharma & Biotech Industry Food & Beverages | Metal, Plastic & Electronics Raw and Precious Materials | Pulp, Paper & Textile Engineering, Machinery & Equipments | Testing Lab.

Performance Depending on the installation location and

environmental conditions, the value could be higher.

Additional Information

Product Code CM - Series

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