Ultra Low Profile Scale -U.M.S Series

Standard Features :

  • High resolution up to 15,000 Counts.
  • Four load cell structure for rugged and durable weighing.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery for continuous use.
  • Handles for convenience of positioning and removal.
  • Ultra-low, chequred plate with both side reversible ramps for easy goods movability.
  • Safety overload protection.

Power Supply : AC 230V + 10% 50-60Hz & with built-in rechargeable battery backup.

Optional :

  • 4-0MA & Set point facility
  • RS 232 interface Port facility
  • Built-in Printing Indicator

Display :

  • 0.56” Bright RED LED/LCD display.
  • Environmentally protected load cell.
  • Safety overload 150% of FS


Brand Name Aczet

Additional Information

Product Code CTG-U.M.S Series

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