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Aczet Pvt. Ltd.

Ice Flake Maker

Ice Flake Maker

AMS series flake ice maker machine special for laboratory use.


Features :

  • Compact design, Luxurious appearance.
  • Adopted high-quality stainless steel outer skin, anti-corrosion and durable, independent of one structure, compact and simple, space-saving.
  • Cabinet insulation is CFC-free foam, fluorine-free antibacterial type inner, energy saving and environmental protection.
  • High efficiency CFC-free R134a compressor, components is detected by SGS Company, economical and in line with EU RoHs environmental requirements.
  • Auto microcomputer control & running, easy to use.
  • Adopted Italian Haitec two-stage reducers, low noise, smooth and reliable operation. Cooling holes and fans in the top of the machine to ensure reducer motor reliable operation under high temperature and harsh conditions.
  • Small ice style and practical.
  • Tank float type water system to ensure that no residual water more than water, no de-icing process, absolute loss, the residual water, saving water and energy.
  • Ice full display, lack of water, too cold protection, fault warning display protective shutdown. The machine will automatically shut down by full/lack of water, automatically boot when the failure removed, with automatic memory & recovery function.
  • Small granular snow ice, designed for the laboratory.
  •  Snow flake-shaped ice is widely used in hospitals, schools, laboratories, research institutes and other occasions as well as supermarket food preservation, fishing, cold storage, medical applications, chemical, food processing industry, a wide range of applications.
  •  A power-overloading protecting device, water shortage auto- detecting system and ice storage full control device.
  •  Power supply can be 220V/50Hz ±10%, (110V/60Hz, 220V/60Hz can be customizable).


Application : Hospitals, Educational Research Institutes & Biotechnology Loaboratories.


Brand Name Aczet

Additional Information

Product Code AMS Series

  • Ice Flake Maker 01

  • Ice Flake Maker 02