PCR Series Gardient Thermal Cycler

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is widely used in Molecular biology. As PCR progresses , the DNA thus generated is itsel used as as template for replication. With PCR it is possible to amplify a single of few copies of a specific DNA fragment across several orders of magnitude, generating millions copies of the DNA fragments.


Salient Features

  • Advanced technologies, WINDOWS operating system.
  • Automatic restart after power failure.
  • 8” TFT color touch-screen with graphical display provides easy use for setting up and monitoring set parameter.
  • The actual and target temperatures can be viewed and displayed graphically in real time.
  • Built-in 11 standard program file template, can quickly edit the required files.
  • Internal flash memory for 10000 typical PCR files in free configurable folders.
  • Compatible with mouse, keyboard, capable to transfer data and perform software updates via USB Drive.
  • Applicable with the following 0.2ml tube models: non-skirted, semi and fully skirted plated.
  • Replaceable module, dual-block module can simultaneously run two different PCR programs.

Model PCR - 96G PCR - 48G
Capacity 96 x 0.2ml 48 x 0.2ml + 30 x 0.5ml
Temperature Range 0 ~ 100ºC
Max. Heating Range 5ºC/s
Max. Cooling Rate 4ºC/s
Uniformity & Accuracy ï�£±0.1ºC
Display Resolution 0.1ºC
Temperature Control Block / Tube
Ramping Rate Adjustable 0.1 ~ 5ºC
Gradient Uniformity ï�£±0.2ºC
Gradient Accuracy ï�£±0.2ºC
Gradient Temp. Range 30 ~ 100ºC
Gradient Spread 1 ~ 30ºC
Hot Lid Temperature 30 ~ 110ºC
Hot Lid Height Adjustable Stepless Adjustable
Number Of Programs 10000 + (USB FLASH)
Max. No. Of Step 30
Max. No. Of Cycle 99
Time. Increment/Decrement 1 sec ~ 9 Min 59 Sec
Temp. Increment/Decrement 0.1 ~ 9.9ºC
Pause Function Yes
Auto Data Protection Yes
Hold at4ºC Forever
Print, LAN to Computer, Yes
LCD Display Touch Screen, 8”, 800 x 600 Pixels, TFT
Communication USB 2.0, LAN
Power Requirements 230 Vac, ± 20%, 50-60Hz
Dimension (LxWxH) 380 x 240 x 260 mm
Weight Approx 9 kg

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