Statistical Data Printer

ACZET STATISTICAL PRINTER is Idle for routine laboratory application with following features.


GLP / GMP : ISO/GLP compliant recording capability for printouts.



  • Good Laboratory Practice Password - protected menu lock.
  • We have the parameter pertaining to the ambient weighing conditions printed before (GLP header) and after (GLP footer) the values of a weighing series. These parameters include.


GLP Header :

  • Date
  • Time at beginning measurement
  • Balance manufacturer
  • Balance model
  • Balance serial number
  • Software version number
  • Identification number of the current sampling operation.

GLP Footer :

  • Date
  • Time at end of measurement
  • Field for operator signature
  • ID designations are configured as follows setup : Printout : Identification codes.
  • ISO/GLP compliant recording capability for printouts.


Brand Name Aczet

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