Coil Weighing Steel Scale

It is an automatic measuring instrument with the controlling core of micro processing. Having the buffer, it is made of the steel and concrete. It can also be manufactured according to the customer’s needed length and dimension. It is convenient maintain the whole scale. It has wide temperature range and strong impact resistance. It is stable and reliable.


Details :

  • It is specially designed for metallurgy industry, so it is widely used to weigh the metal material in production, procession, trade and storage. Being the integrated body,
  • it is easy to remove. It is made up to steel platform, spring buffer, high accurate load cell indicator and water proof junction box. the helical and compressing spring is sued to reduce the force imposed on the scale, so the Load cell is efficiently protected and has
  • a long service life. With the strong impact resistance, high accuracy, direct display and quick reading, it has the quality of peeling, accumulating, printing and protecting the datum when the power is shut off. With it can meet different customer’s needs.


Brand Name Aczet

Additional Information

Product Code WB-S Series

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